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school management software?

School management software has always been a substantial endeavour for schools around the world. It requires conscientious monitoring of the academic and administrative work performance of all school departments involved, including the teaching, examination, accounting, administrative, and transport departments. Effective and justly organised schools are of supreme importance for ensuring satisfied students, parents, and staff all on one platform. School management software is here to help your school streamline all of its hectic day-to-day paperwork onto a single platform. School management software is a complete administration tool for schools. This categorization comes from the fact that this type of software application focuses on helping schools in their daily routine by automating academic and administrative tasks. School management software is also known as a "school management ERP system" or a "student management system." These systems provide functionality ranging from applications and admission enrolment to comprehensive performance tracking....

User Friendly

User friendly Advance School management ERP system for education institutions sets a new standard in the industry.

Web Based

web based advanced school management solution to manage your institute anytime, anywhere or from any device.

Easy To Customize

Reliable and secure software. Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Modules.

24/7 Support

24/7 accessibility from across the globe

What are the benefits of a school management system?

It's an easy, automated structure for any type of school. When starting a new school period or academic timetable, the structure of classes and subjects for the period needs to be prepared. Millions of schools are finding it helpful to use school management software to streamline the day-to-day functions of their school. The school management ERP software can provide a variety of useful modules, such as managing admission, attendance, exams, transport, collecting school fees, sending messages, and making important school announcements to students and parents. School management ERP software will not only identify your school problems what you are facing on daily basis. However, it will save your school precious time and money from a future standpoint. you can use and save by decrease three different things:

It's an easy, automated structure for any type of school.

When starting a new school period or academic timetable, the structure of classes and subjects for the period needs to be prepared. Millions of schools are finding it helpful to use school management software to streamline the day-to-day functions of their school. The school management ERP software can provide a variety of useful modules, such as managing admission, attendance, exams, transport, collecting school fees, sending messages, and making important school announcements to students and parents. School management ERP software will not only identify your school problems what you are facing on daily basis. However, it will save your school precious time and money from a future standpoint. you can use and save by decrease three different things:

Paper Cost Everything, from applications to student and teacher files and conducting their reports, is done electronically and is advantageously available on demand; that’s also very good for the environment.

Employee hours: No more supplementary time for school teachers to complete all the paperwork. The school management system will do all the difficult and heavy work load in just one click by using us on your account, using a fit size of automate process.

Conferencing: It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort for school teachers to meet, share reports, and assess students in the middle of other things. In addition to being automated, any segment of the school management system will be able to decrease the time required to a minimum, may be even to null character.

More fertile time: School management ERP software provides tools to create supplemental time for fruitful tasks. Additionally, if it’s on the cloud, it has zero maintenance fees, besides the occasional one on your laptop. And it can usually scale with the schools, regardless of how quickly they grow with new students and teachers.

It’s undeniably advantageous: Running any type of school management software can help all kinds of schools and colleges complete their daily academic, administrative, and other management tasks in no time by automating and streamlining operations, thus making school administration management more comfortable than ever before. So many schools are now using digital administrative systems to boost their administrative operations effectively. We have an outreach system where combined objectives, extension, and success cannot be eminent by schools apart from technical solutions. But few schools are still at the arm; stuck in a puzzle whether their traditionally hectic paper work structure even have the proclivity to assist their assignments or should they be restoring. though, it is necessary to recognise that school should be understanding importance in the empire of convey guidance, correctness, dependency, and veracity of school efforts. Here are a few causes that will help you think about the surface of the pack. determine why school management software should be included in your school while leaving all right-wingers behind.

Bridging communication technologically

Well-organized transmission between schools is crucial to the effectiveness recognised in school management software. Each and every time the administration of the school wants to send an urgent message to all parents, or a parent wants to send a complaint, or communication between a teacher and students, a school management software makes a room of communication platforms to connect with students’ parents and teachers. A current notification system must be included in the system to allow users to communicate without delay, platform crash downs, or other interruptions.

Proactive multi-tasking

The repeat piece of work of a admin, teacher, students or parents can be block and result in routine staff. For example, a teacher gives or writes to cancel any events or announcement in a student’s diary due to some issues. If that teacher is managing of 30 student’s classroom, means teacher will have to write the same notice in all 30 different students diaries. A teacher can message or email all the parents or students with just a few clicks by using school management ERP software. The same will apply for all sorts of data entry, management, and sharing within the establishment. Users tackling data in the school can access, store, and share details with high accuracy and through a central database sheet. For example, student information, exam progress reports, fee collection reports, student classroom behaviour, a timetable with lesson plans, admission enrolment data, teacher data, and more can all be controlled in this application.

Personalization of the system

School management systems can be customised to suit your specific requirements; these requirements can be thought about by solution-empowering software. The school management system was designed to have features like flexibility and the ability to change language using specific themes and colours.

Improving the quality of education delivery (scheduling attendance)

The prime part of any school is comprehension transportance. This attribute quality straight influences the schools and its rate of employ students and teachers. to conduct student-oriented classes Teachers can use school management software where students who are not open to speaking can also conveniently connect with their teachers through a separate panel. A teacher can also conduct online or virtual classes, and all course, study, assignment, or other materials can be shared in the cloud and accessed by all students. Also, teachers can use the attendance modules in the school management system to automatically mark students' daily attendance. According to the class timetable, teachers can create lesson plans and schedule classes without having to confront other schedules. School management systems are the best solutions that allow for this efficacy.

Grade book and examination

Creating an examination grade, scheduling an examination, and exam result sheets can be uploaded in the school management ERP portal for parents and students more easily than ever through school management software. Teachers can easily generate automated student progress reports, use the classroom module to assess student behaviour in the classroom, make notes to evaluate the student, and guide them as required. All subjects' question papers can also be created from school ERP software by assigning questions to subjects and then assigning them to exams. The MCQ option is also implemented on school ERP software, where students have given their answers to things like pop-up True or False questions, single-choice answer quizzes, and multiple-choice questions, and the software generates results within seconds.

Ease of Student Admission

The school management software can manage every student’s academic idioms, from inquiry to admission to objective achievement. However, how can school management systems simplify student admission? It reduce the enrolment process singularly. Parents can also apply online admission process for their children and also can pay required school fees payments online. Parents can also see the reviews, records, and previous school standards by using technology, directly communicating with school administration, ensuring the school's facilities, and effortlessly sending their children to school without being on the school’s premises in person. school fees and receipt can also be automated generated by the application automatically to the parents.

Transportation Management

The school management system has a module where schools can see and keep track of the school’s bus transportation system live through a GPS tracking system. Live updates on this service’s availability can be made more accessible through interactive maps and tracking technologies. The large number of students travelling daily with guaranteed safety and comfort will increase parents’ confidence in the school’s safety measures. The asset managers can even schedule maintenance calendars for the vehicles.

Facilities Management

A school’s fundamental facilities, such as smart classrooms, resourceful learning infrastructure, personal teaching areas, and a hygienic midday mill, are crucial to being an up-to-standard school. This is one of the main reasons why school management systems are important for any school. They allow asset managers, decision-makers, and administrators to have a bird's-eye view of all school facilities. connect the students to the school’s facilities.

Allow parents to play a role.

In old school systems, communication with parents regarding their child's academic performance is limited. But a comprehensive school management system acknowledges parents as active participants in the student’s educational cycle. School management systems proactively inform parents about the intellectual and talent developments in their children as per their performance at school; this is also a natural boost that motivates students to perform better. Parents can also make inquiries, have discussions, make suggestions, and contact the school admin at any time by using this application.

Suitable staff management

The Human and Resource module can use school management systems to manage staff information and track teachers' progress. The respective staff can transparently share these details among all departments in the school, where the accounts department can make the necessary payrolls concerning the performances, leaves, etc. The school management system can be used to create a teachers' and staff's pay slip. There is also a feature in the system that allows teachers to apply for leave online.

Practicable school resource management

Many assets are available in any school. The school would require smooth access to books, pencils, stationery, uniforms, and all of the other supplies that are much-needed to face any planned or unplanned scenario in school. The school can house an ASSET and inventory management system in the school management system to find out how many stocks are available, forecast the required stock levels in the future, conveniently get in touch with matching suppliers, and allocate budgets by cutting off needless costs.

Responsive service provision

Many services rendered by the school can be automated, and swift services can be provided to all stakeholders. For example, sponsorship management, grant management, transcript generation, student/parent inquiry management, online payment methods, and handling employee grievances can all be mitigated using a school management system.

Reporting and Analytics

Schools can also benefit from the school management system's automated tools to generate school balance sheet financial reports, logical reports, budget frames with higher transparency, and the right organised approaches. Modules like asset management, school accounts, and other staff can also be used to interact with other schools' users, generate information reports, uncover all-inclusive, reliable logical underpinnings hidden by old-fashioned data, and get back protocols to be prudent and make risk-free revisions to the school.

Certify the students’ safety.

Ensuring students' safety is another critical feature that school management systems implement. The system can include high-tech devices like biometric and RFID systems in pass cards to detect the students' presence in real time. The school can record student blood groups, and communicating with parents can be boosted because school management software keeps track of all contacts and supply management at all times.

Service Specifications

e-school ERP consist +30 comprehensive Modules

e-school ERP School Management ERP Software is a tool that is specifically developed to streamline the paper-less administration and acedemic of school. It consists 25+ modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other day to day work information...

Regular free updates

Regular updates are available to download for free

Responsive user interface

Smart school will over all kinds of devices seamlessy

Multiuser account system

Access for admin, teacher, student and parent

Export data in PDF

Export report data in PDF

Codeigniter framework

Built on latest version (3.0.0 ) of Codeigniter php framework

Developer support ready

Dedicated developer support is available any time

Students Fee Management

Manage student fees very easily

Easy customization

Easliy customizable with the help of understandable documentation

Multiple language support

Supports 21 different languages

Class routine schedule

Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules

Home work document

Attach and download study documents

Parent monitor child activity

Parent monitor all activities of his child

Chart & Graph analysis in fees

Chart & graph representation of fees and expenses

Exam marks management

Manage exam marks of all student

Profile system

Edit profile settings as you wish

Transport management

Transport management for all routes

Hostel management

Manage all hostels and their rooms

Library management

Systematic management of all library books

Best quality at lowest price

Best quality product offered at lowest price

Internal messaging

Admin can send private messages to teacher, student and parent

Daily attendance

Managing daily attendance is now hassle free

Sibling Management

Manage multiple children of single parent in one parent account


Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management

Database Backup / Restore

Easily backup, restore the whole database

Print Records

Take printout of every records


Trace student fees and expenses all at a place

SMS gateway intergration

Get informed about student marks and events with SMS notifications

Manual payment

Ability to take manual payments in cash, cheque, DD

Online Paypal payment

Parent can pay student fees form their parent account

Aesthetically Designed UI

Aesthetically design user interface in HTML5, CSS3

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